Choosing a Paint Color…Last

We receive calls all the time from frustrated clients telling us that they are stuck on their first task…choosing a paint color. This is where I like to turn on the brakes and tell them to WAIT! Our philosophy is that paint color is the LAST thing you should choose. Here is why: Paint is […]

Non-Financial Business Goals for 2023

I have read a lot about setting business goals for 2023. Most articles and self help pages list “The Bottom Line” and the “Financial Goals” as most important. And while those goals are important to set, I like mine to be more personal. So here are my non-financial goals for my business in 2023. Client […]

Core Value vs. Character

This Sunday at church, our Pastor put up a slide about character. It said: “Men of genius are admired; men of wealth are envied; men of power are feared; but only men of character are trusted.” The dictionary definition states character as moral or ethical quality. In Romans 5: 3-5, the bible states: Not only […]

The IDBN Core Values

I have core values for my company. Sometimes I wonder if they are…. not corporate enough??? But if you know me, you know that I am not “corporate.” I am me! So here they are. At Interior Design By Nancy I lead my team through these core values: Honesty — my clients get the full […]

I didn’t know how to design, until I did.

I didn’t know how to design a house, until I designed one. When I was in school we didn’t even have computers!!!! Imagine that! I became a professor of design and taught myself the programs to succeed. I loved it. I didn’t know how to properly measure and specify window treatments, until I started learning […]

Millenials As Clients

It seems that everyone looks down on millennials these days. But I have a different perspective. Millennials are and will be the driving force behind business expansion and solutions in the future. They are tech savvy, and don’t like to be uncomfortable, so if they encounter a problem in life or business you can bet […]