It seems that everyone looks down on millennials these days. But I have a different perspective.

Millennials are and will be the driving force behind business expansion and solutions in the future. They are tech savvy, and don’t like to be uncomfortable, so if they encounter a problem in life or business you can bet they are going to solve it. Sustainability and locally sourced materials are important to them and that is inspiring!

In my industry, it is refreshing to have clients that seek manufacturers that create handcrafted pieces with locally sourced materials and a push towards Made in the USA! It is an opportunity for me and others in my industry to meet and work with real craftsmen and women who create some really special pieces.

Currently I am working with one of the most talented cabinet makers I have ever met. His attention to detail, years of experience and joy in what he does has me looking forward to our work meetings. Along with my client, we can collaborate and dream with him for solutions to the cabinetry look and feel that we want to achieve. When working that closely with a tradesperson, you can see and feel the years of experience and joy that comes from their work. It is a refreshing blessing to work with people like this!

Working with custom craftspeople opens the door to complete customization and millennials love that! We can create pieces to solve their specific problems right in front of their eyes.

Millennials are ready to take on the world and I feel honored to have a front row seat to helping any client achieve this.