I have read a lot about setting business goals for 2023. Most articles and self help pages list “The Bottom Line” and the “Financial Goals” as most important. And while those goals are important to set, I like mine to be more personal.

So here are my non-financial goals for my business in 2023.

Client connections: Make sure each and every client I have feels connected to my team and me. I am an open-door kind of girl, and I want my clients to know that. I want to serve them where and when they need it. I want to form a trustful, open relationship with them that goes both ways. I want us to work together for the common goal of their finished, happy home.

Start ten new whole home projects in the year: In 2022 we worked on six complete home projects with clients and many other one-two room projects. We have worked hard to improve our process in 2022 and as a result we are ready to handle more in 2023. Our team is growing, our resources are growing, and we are ready to take on more.

Get out there: In 2022 I was blessed to be chosen as an Instagram influencer for the industry wide conference and I have recently been selected to be a design judge at a conference in Vegas. I love these opportunities, and I want more! The more design experiences I have, the better I will be able to serve my clients.

Offer more service: We have been working behind the scenes to get our holiday decorating underway (for all holidays and occasions), our seasonal decor services underway, and toying around with a Designer By Your Side service. We will focus on these in January and hope to be offer a few new services to our clients in these areas.

Have a solid Social and Marketing plan: Most of our clients are word of mouth, but we also get a lot of inquiries from social sites and engine searches. Our plan in the past has been regularly posting and serving clients. I think it’s time for us to share and post more.

Read more and take more classes: If I want to work smarter, I need to actually BE smarter. Reading books and attending seminars have helped me tremendously in 2022 – so one of my goals is to do that more!

If you have a business, do you have Non-Financial Goals you set?

What am I missing – or better yet, what would you like to see a business of mine focus on in 2023?