I have core values for my company. Sometimes I wonder if they are…. not corporate enough??? But if you know me, you know that I am not “corporate.” I am me!

So here they are.

At Interior Design By Nancy I lead my team through these core values:

Honesty — my clients get the full Nancy (& team), and we are honest to the core. Boldness. If you know me, you know I am bold. I empower my team to be bold in a positive way when working with clients.

Confidence — In my quest to erase imposter syndrome from the world – I believe that we should all stand in our experience and move forward with confidence!

Trustworthy — See honesty. We are trusted with much by our clients and will always hold that honor to a high level.

We advocate for clients. A LOT — we do this every day and have become really good at it.

Problem solvers — Our team can solve any problem that is design related. (Except for delays – we have to wait like everyone else!)

Love of God & Family — No explanation needed.

This is the way I want my company to run and lead and grow. What are your company’s core values? Do they resonate with you?